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This workshop is conducted in kitchens of Pátzcuaro’s finest family cooks. You will learn to prepare a typical Mexican dish, such as enchiladas placeras, chile relleno (stuffed chiles), Tarascan soup, or chilaquile.   After preparing the dish, you will be invited to join the family for comida (dinner). You can use this valuable opportunity to learn more about Pátzcuaro’s customs and culture.


Workshops enrich your experience with hands-on activities conducted in Spanish.

Ceramics Workshop

Tzintzuntzan is home to the artisan Manuel Morales. His ceramics receive world-wide recognition. Because of his special relationship with CELEP, Manuel Moreles provides tours of his workshop, with its high-temperature oven, his prehispanic designs and his special techniques. 

He demonstrates how he decorates earthenware vessels and plates using natural pigments. You will have the opportunity to mold a piece of clay for yourself using the same clay that the artisan recovers nearby for his own use.

Medicinal Plants Workshop

For hundreds of years, Mexico’s indigenous peoples have used plants as medicines. Throughout Mexico, medicinal plants form the basis for the practice of traditional medicine.  In Michoacán, a significant portion of the traditional knowledge that comprises Purhépecha culture derives from the accumulated wisdom regarding medicinal plants and their uses.

In this workshop students learn how to identify and collect common healing plants, how to store them, and how to use them as common remedies.  The workshop is conducted in nearby Ucasanástacua (indigenous community on Lake Pátzcuaro) by a highly respected traditional healer.

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