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Michoacan is a state West of Mexico City. With mountains to the Northeast and Pacific shore to the Southwest, Michoacán's diversity is unmatched in Mexico. One happy consequence of this diversity is the year-round abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables!

In the sanctuary in Angangueo, Michoacán in Mexico, there are thousands, or even millions, of Monarch Butterflies. From morning until about 1:00 pm, you can see them flying around and almost obscuring the sky. You will hear the ethereal sound made by the flapping of their wings. From November through March.

Weekend Side Trips

Michoacán holds many surprises and special experiences for adventurous students keen to explore nearby destinations.

Possible weekend adventures from Pátzcuaro include the colonial capital of Morelia, and the beautiful Pacific Coast of Michoacán. CELEP staff can assist you with suggestions and help you to plan such excursions.

Boat trip on Lake Zirahuén

This small lake, just 40-minutes from Pátzcuaro, is located in the mountains surrounded by forest and farmland. Protected from development and tourism, Lake Zirahuén is crystal clear with colors ranging from deep blue to light turquoise. You can enjoy a boat ride and, if you wish, eat at an exquisite restaurant across the lake with excellent food and spectacular views. Lake Zirahuén is a hidden treasure.

Colonial City

Morelia, the capital of the state of Michoacán, was designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991 (Español: Patrimonial de la Humanidad).

A one-day visit might easily include a stroll through the colonial city center and include the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral, the Casa de las Artesanías (superb exhibition and sale of folkart housed in a former convent), the Palacio Clavijero (now an important museum), Jardín de las Rosas, and Conservatorio de las Rosas (music school now housed in former convent).

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