(Owner of "Safety first", Agency of trainig of Bus drivers. Windsor, California)

I studied at Celep for the first time in August 1997. This year, because I was so happy with the program, and I felt secure and welcomed in Pátzcuaro, I returned with my family for further study.

Send us this Web Site he made himself about his experience in Patzcuaro and CELEP:

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Some comments about the school

Gail Holzrichter (art teacher , Hartford, Connecticut)

Proffesors are very profesional and competent. Group size and dinamics happened to be excellent. Both, Gabriela and Francisco (our teachers) gave many examples and were patient with all of us, and they allowed a certain amount of conversation.

Dave Watermulder (History student at George Washington University)
All teachers were nice and very easy to talk to. This is really important. Eduardo was a good teacher. He is funny and I think that´s the best kind of teacher for young people.

Herman Velásquez (High School Counselor, Healdsburg,California)

I liked the set up very much. My lodging was excellent. The hostess welcomed me in to her house and was very helpful and gracious. It is not difficult to get to the school from the house

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