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Day of the Dead
Fiestas in Pátzcuaro and Surrounding Pueblos

January 5-9:
Celebration in honor of el Señor de la Misericordia (Our Lord of Mercy) (Erongarícuaro).

February:  Winter’s Midpoint (Ground Hog’s Day)
February 1
: Fuego Nuevo (“New Fire” for Purhépecha New Year).
February 2: Día de la Candelaria (Candlemass) (Tócuaro, Erongarícaro).
Ash Wednesday:
Week before:  Señor de la Rescate (Lord of the Rescue) (Tzintzuntzan, including trek pilgrimage  walk from Pátzcuaro to Tzintzuntzan).
Tuesday before:  Carnival (Mardi Gras).
Weekend before:  Pilgrimage to Carácuaro; Fiesta continues up to Ash Wednesday. Fiesta continues up to Ash Wednesday

Semana Santa (Holy Week)

March-April (depending on Easter’s date).
Semana Santa:*  Holy Week is observed with concerts, dances and processions.

• Tianguis Artesanal:  Folk Art Market opens before Palm Sunday and continues to Easter
• Processions:
Good Friday Night, Holy Saturday Night, Easter Sunday Noon.
• Burning of Judas:  Easter Night (after sunset).
• Week after Easter: Patron Saint’s Day for Ihuátzio.

May: Midpoint of Spring
May 2:  Cruz Verde (Green Cross)* (Pátzcuaro) – Planting Festival
May 2-5: Fiesta in honor of the Santa Cruz (Holy Cross) (Erongarícuaro)

June:  (June 21:  Summer Solstice)
Early June:  Corpus Cristi (Tzintzuntzan, and other pueblos—fiesta dates vary).
June 6: Celebration of Medio Año (Mid-Year, Summer Solstice) (Erongarícuaro).

Early July:  Señor de la Preciosa Sangre (Our Lord of Precious Blood) (Quiroga).

August :  Midpoint of Summer (Dates vary; check with CELEP staff)
August 15:  Fiesta in honor of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción (Our Lady of the Assumption) (Erongarícuaro).
International Guitar Festival:  Paracho
International Copper Festival:  Santa Clara del Cobre
International Organ Festival:  Morelia

September 15:  Noche del Grito* (Beginning of Mexican War of Independence, Pátzcuaro)
September 16:  Independence Fiesta (Plaza Vasco de Quiroga, Plaza Mayor, Pátzcuaro)

Mid-October:  Festival of Purhépecha Dance and Music (Zacán)
Last week in October:  Mercado de dulces (Candy Market).

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

November: Midpoint of Fall / Autumn
November 1-2:  Día de los Muertos* (Janítzio, Pátzcuaro and surrounding pueblos)
Mid-November:  International Chamber Music Festival (Morelia) (Check date with CELEP.)
November 20:  Celebration of Mexican Revolution*

December: (December 21:  Winter Solstice).
December 8:  Fiesta de la Virgen de la Salud* (Basílica, Pátzcuaro)
December 12:  Fiesta de la Virgen de Guadalupe* (Basílica, Pátzcuaro)
December 16-24:  Posadas en las colonias de Pátzcuaro
December 25:  Private family day


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