Three Language Levels
Basic and Enriched programs
Flexible Course Design

English Courses

As a service to the Pátzcuaro community, CELEP offers low-cost English classes to local residents of all ages. This semester nearly one hundred students—children, teenagers and adults—are enrolled in CELEP’s English program. more...

Three hours of adventure into Mexican culture are offered Monday - Wednesday - Friday afternoons. There are workshops in Mexican cooking and traditional herbal healing, walking tours of Pátzcuaro and its lively indigenous markets, trips by boat to the islands of Lake Pátzcuaro, tours of pre-hispanic archeological sites, visits to artisans' workshops, and more. All of these activities are conducted in Spanish by experts in various fields.

CELEP'S Spanish Language Courses

Standard Offer: Two-weeks course sessions begin every Monday throghout the year. Small groups (maximum 4 students) are led by well-trained teachers experienced both in the functional skills approach to learning Spanish and in fostering conversational practice at all language levels.


Three Language Levels: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced.
Basic and Enriched Programs are offered at each language level.
Flexible Course Design:
  • Your course schedule can be adjusted to meet your needs and availability -one week, two weeks, etc.
  • The Basic Program can be adjusted to incorporate some cultural activities, depending on your interests. A minimum of three students is required for some cultural activities, and additional fees may apply.
  • Extra help with grammar is available and can be arranged.
  • If you'd like to learn more about Mexican culture, we can offer opportunities to converse with Pátzcuaro residents, attend lectures and engage in informal conversations in a variaty of settings.

Fee Schedule
Basic Program
(Two Weeks)
3 hours daily-
Mon through Fri
1 hour daily-
Mon through Fri
$350 U.S.D.
Enriched Program
(Two Weeks)
3 hours daily-
Mon through Fri
1 hour daily-
Mon through Fri
3 hours each-
$540 U.S.D.
Special group rates

Here's how register

1.- Contact us to arrange your course of study.
2.- Pay course fee in full on first day of class. No advance deposit required.
3.- Pay in cash or personal check.
4.- Fees include two weeks of language instruction and course text; for Enriched Program, fee includes cultural immersion activities

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